Dispensary Spotlight: Ragan Foreman

Updated: Feb 10

Ragan Foreman is the manager of the newly opened Clovr Dispensary in Belton, Missouri. We took some time to sit down with Ragan and ask her about her exciting new adventure!

Ragan Foreman at the opening of Clovr Dispensary, Belton MO
Ragan Foreman at the opening of Clovr Dispensary, Belton MO

How long have you worked in the medical marijuana (MMJ) industry? How did you get started?

RF: I have been in the industry about ten months now. I worked with the owners for 8 years, so they transitioned me with them as they entered this new endeavor.

What do you like best about working in the business?

RF: I love meeting different people, hearing their stories, and how cannabis is helping them.

What was it like to have Missouri finally pass medical marijuana?

RF: It was very exciting. For the patients who really need it, it was just a “finally” moment.

Whenever I visited an MMJ dispensary, I was always amazed at how deeply knowledgeable the staff were. How do you and other budtenders learn about the benefits of MMJ?

RF: Luckily for me I was fortunate to have a staff that was already knowledgeable as they are all passionate about the industry.

The are very motivated so they stay researching and reading. I also have two budtenders who have already worked in the industry, so they were able to bring their knowledge from their experiences.

We also bounce ideas off each other and share current new news regarding the industry with each other as well.

How do you keep up with the new trends and developments?

RF: My staff.

With them being so passionate about the industry they are on top of what’s new and always bringing new trends to me.

interior view of the clovr dispensary in belton missouri medical marijuana 2

For new MMJ patients, what is the most important thing to know when visiting a dispensary?

RF: For new patients, the most important thing is don’t be embarrassed. We are here to support you and meet your need. Also, whichever product you choose, start low and go slow.

I know a lot of new patients are very nervous because MJ has been demonized for so long. How do you help patients that might be nervous about taking MMJ?

RF: Start with low doses of THC and higher CBD to introduce cannabis into their system. Its all about making our customers comfortable.

Break down their pre-conceived notions due to all false information that’s been provided.

What is your favorite way to take marijuana and why?

RF: My favorite is edibles. I have never been a smoker, so I like the way the “buzz” feeling creeps up on you with taking edibles.

What your favorite edible people can find at Clovr dispensaries?

RF: My favorite edible is Robhots gummies. I like their flavor and texture of their gummies.

picture of robhots medical marijuana gummies and its packaging against a white background

Thank you, Ragan for taking the time today! It's great to know that new MMJ patients and our readers are in good hands when they visit a Clovr dispensary!

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