Pumpkin Spice Is Here at Clovr Dispensary

It’s that time of the year! Leaves are changing - the weather is getting colder - stores are starting (have already?) to put out Christmas decorations and products. And with more fervor that the McRib can whip up, Pumpkin Spice is back! What started as a yet-another season coffee flavor from coffee chain whose-name-shall-not-be-spoken (cough, cough ⭐️💵) has exploded into a cultural phenomenon that has hit everything that has a flavor.

Sure it’s fun to make fun of this phenomenon, but pumpkin spice in some foods is actually awesome! Take pumpkin spice instant oatmeal or pumpkin spice Cheerios - now we’re talking! And of course the OG of pumpkin spice the PSL from Starbux! And what better to go along with the classic seasonal coffee drink but Clovr’s new seasonal bonbon flavor: Pumpkin Spice Caramel.

storefront window featuring pumpkin spice latte

But first let’s take a look at some of our top picks for best pumpkin spice parodies!

Pumpkin Spice Crest toothpaste

Toothpaste companies are not generally known for pushing-the-envelope on flavors for their products. The furthest they seem to have ever gone is cinnamon flavor and bubble gum for kids. Although they’ve managed to squeeze out (no pun intended!) every iteration of “mint” that could possibly exist, thankfully toothpaste has pretty much stuck to its intended path in the flavor department.

Parody meme for Crest Pumpkin Spice toothpaste. Image @betchesluvthis

That’s why it didn’t come as a huge surprise that pumpkin flavor Crest toothpaste was an online-born parody on the fall taste. And the thought of it! This is one place pumpkin - or any spice! - doesn’t have a place. Yuck!

Pumpkin Spice Doritos

Snack chip companies, on the other hand, are notorious for taking flavors where no chip or salty snack has gone. Some companies have even gone as far as to have nation-wide consumer taste tests that brought us such memorable classics as biscuits ‘n gravy flavored Lay’s potato chips, Philly cheesesteak flavor and kettle-cooked gyros chips.

Seriously. As if potato chips weren’t salty enough.

Pumpkin Spice flavored Doritos parody. Image Buzzfeed via Pinterest

And Doritos. They too have pushed the limits of flavor beyond their nacho cheese and cool ranch flavors. Blazin’ buffalo ranch, guacamole and several other variations of an earlier phenomenon: “ranch”. (We’re not sure how all these ranch flavors are different, but maybe that’s not even the point. Great marketing tactic!) And to bring even more flavor to the world, Doritos also offers most of its flavors as “strong”. Yikes, that’s a lot of salty flavor!

So it’s less of a surprise that chip companies might have hopped on the pumpkin spice flavoring bandwagon. It’s so far out there that people would surely buy a back of PS flavored Doritos, if only to experience the hodge-podge of flavors (which we’re sure are terrible!).

Charmin Pumpkin Spice Scented Toilet Paper

Not much you can do with toilet paper other than have cute commercials with cuddly animals or animated bears frolicking around the woods in your commercials. While the playful images of the old adage (“does a bear do its biz-naz in the woods?”) has been an obvious marketing campaign for the toilet paper giant, you can’t help but think that they too could resist the lure of having a season edition of TP for the PS-hungry public.

But alas, Pumpkin Spice Charmin was another online hoax. At least the company had a great sense of humor about it by tweeting out this awesome response …

Charmin's twitter response: While we love it, we can promise you this.  You will not be seeing #PumpkinSpice Charmin anytime soon.
Charmin's charming Twitter response. Image twitter.com/Charmin

The 6th Spice Girl: Pumpkin Spice

For those of who lived through the 90s there was this small quintuplet girl group from Britain that took the world by storm. We all instantly fell in sugary-pop girl group love with the Spice Girls and before the ladies of Sex and the City could lift their cosmo martini glasses, girls from all over the world were identifying themselves with one of the girls: Baby, Ginger, Post, Scary and Sporty.

With several reunion appearances under their belts, the Spice Girls probably never imagined a sixth Spice Girl would inevitably make her way into the group. But who in the age of millennials could deny Pumpkin Spice a place in Spice World?

Meet the 6th Spice Girl: Pumpkin Spice. Image imgur.com

This parody meme is spot-on in its portal of the hilarity that is pumpkin spice and the caricature of an aloof, reluctantly-trendy hipster girl that personifies the general PSL clientele.

Try Our New Pumpkin Spice Bonbons!

We love pumpkin spice and love poking fun at it too! It’s the perfect phenomenon that is awesome in itself and excellent for the subject of parodies, memes and jokes.

Stop by Clovr Dispensary in Belton and try our new Clovr bonbons seasonal flavor: Pumpkin Spice Caramel to enjoy with anyone of your favorite PS-flavored beverages!


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