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Made in Missouri,
For Missouri Patients.

At Clovr, we believe that legal and quality cannabis should be available to all people. This reliable access to natural medicine can be a safe alternative to prescription drugs and positively impact the lives of our customers. CLOVR is dedicated to educating the community about cannabis and to providing quality products and great service. We aim to provide a safe and dependable cannabis dispensary environment for patients in Missouri. We believe that cannabis can provide relief for people experiencing a range of symptoms.

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We put a lot of care into what we create, and are proud that people are taking notice. The products that we manufacture and distribute throughout Missouri are known for their high-quality ingredients and proven benefits and have been featured many times in the media. Learn more below.

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Full Spectrum vs. Distillate Extraction: What's the Difference?


Why choose cannabis and CLOVR?

It's time to take control of your health

You know your body better than anyone. We fought long and hard for Missourians to have a medical marijuana program that allows them access to medicine that they didn't have before. The time is now to shape the industry into a viable healthcare option for all.

Missouri grown

Other stores may sell untested CBD and Delta-8 THC products that were not produced in Missouri and have not been lab-tested. All of the cannabis in our products is grown locally and lab-tested so you always know what you are getting.

We care about serving all patients

We don't specialize in one way to medicate. As a manufacturer, we already produce products that we send to every corner of the state. Now we get to serve patients in our own backyard. We can't wait to meet you.

What you see is what you get

Our budtenders aren't only trained in the products that we sell. They have all worked at our manufacturing facility and understand what goes into making every product. We put in the effort so that you reap the rewards.

A Word from Our Team


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